Sunday, October 27, 2013

CloudBees Palo Alto 2013 Jenkins User Conference (JUC)

The 2013 Jenkins User Conference (JUC) held in Palo Alto last week was both educational and inspirational. Kohsuke, creator of Jenkins, gave the keynote speech and two tracks for presentations followed, affording a variety of content to choose from. I was fortunate to meet attendees from Netflix, Evernote, VMware, Tesla as well as others in the DevOps community using Jenkins and find out what they were up to with regards to Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD).

Kohsuke's keynote speech

This is the JUC description from the CloudBees site:
The Jenkins User Conference focuses on Continuous Integration (CI) as the fundamental best practice for enterprise software development. Our presenters are experienced Jenkins open source developers, executives, business managers, architects and authors who are luminaries within the Jenkins community. They represent the many organizations around the world who are leveraging the use of Jenkins within the application development lifecycle.

Stas Zvinyatskovsky
(Presenter from Yahoo!)
My favorite session was presented by Stas Zvinyatskovsky from Yahoo! titled, "Implementing Continuous Delivery at Yahoo!" From what I've heard some or all of the talks will be posted online in the near future. Once they are posted I will update this article with a link.

A couple plugins and tools I learned about at the conference, which I'd like to check out included:

A delicious Jenkins cupcake
  • DSL plugin - The job-dsl-plugin allows the programmatic creation of projects using a DSL. Pushing job creation into a script allows you to automate and standardize your Jenkins installation, unlike anything possible before. 
  • Audit Trail plugin - Keep a log of who performed particular Jenkins operations, such as configuring jobs. 
  • Sonar plugin - SonarQube is an open platform to manage code quality.
  • Folders plugin - This plugin allows users to create "folders" to organize jobs. Users can define custom taxonomies (like by project type, organization type etc). Folders are nestable and you can define views within folders 
  • Monitoring plugin - Monitoring of Jenkins / Hudson itself with JavaMelody. Open the report (or [http://yourhost/monitoring]) after installation. 
  • Xcode plugin - This plugin adds the ability to call Xcode command line tools to automate build and packaging iOS applications (iPhone, iPad, ...). 
  • Liquibase - Source control for your DB


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