Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Refocusing Mile High Code: The Bigger Picture

My blog writing recently came to a standstill. I finally figured out the cause and what I had to do to move on. I was having trouble keeping up with my tech posts and trying to keep other non-techy ideas at bay. I really needed a change in focus.

At first the idea for a tech blog was a great outlet for me, but it has gotten to feel like I'm boxing myself into a corner. What I really want is to spread my creative wings and write about many things in my life. Things that I feel make life really worth living.

Whether its learning LISP (and why), modifying my diet and exercise, or trying out new life hacks the new "Mile High Code" will span a number of life's arenas and no longer remain confined to the realm of coding and nerdom.

Mile High Code is about living. Living better.

This is a start in a new, broader direction and will hopefully benefit those who peruse my posts as much as it will help me.

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