Wednesday, February 15, 2012

RMOUG Training Days Conference - Day 2 & 3

After a full day of intensive talks, networking and blog promoting I'm zapped. I hand drew mind maps of all the presentations and will post them as soon as I'm able. In the near future I'll try creating these directly into digital form using iThoughts and a Bamboo stylus.

Here is the first map on the fantastic keynote given by Cary Milsap from Method R Corp on "Happiness and Learning". Delivered with the spirit of a TED talk it was a welcome way to start the conference and a great surprise as far as content goes!

Cary Milsap's Happiness & Learning Keynote
Cary gave a similar talk in the UK, which is available on YouTube: Part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4.

It reminded me a lot of a TED talk I recently saw by Richard St. John, author of the "8 To Be Great," book.

Here a few mind maps I did at some of the talks:

Times Ten: High Performance In-Memory Database
Simon Law, Oracle

SQL Developer Tips & Tricks (download Jeff's updated PowerPoint slides)
Jeff Smith, Oracle

End-to-end Java: Decide when to use Java within your DB and best practices
Kuassi Mensah, Oracle

Beyond SQL: No SQL and Not Only SQL movements
Marshall Presser, Greenplum / EMC

Difficult Decisions
Steve Wille, Great-West Life and Annuity

Modern Database Design
Heli Helskyaho, Miracle Finland Oy

Denver is such a beautiful place and RMOUG is a great conference!

Presentations & Vendors
Denver Convention Center


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